Sunday, October 19, 2008

Episode #12

This episode is all about Samhain with a bit o' Halloween thrown in. :) I have listener feedback, but there isn't any in this episode. I will either do a special cast mid-week with feedback, or I'll have it all in the next podcast. I hope everyone enjoys this latest podcast!

Episode #12


Azodnem said...

I downloaded all twelve of your podcast episodes last night. I've just finished episode nine, and I absolutely love them! I've never bothered downloading any podcast before (although I've been wanting to give one a try for awhile) ~ Honey, I'm hooked! LOL. Love them. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your words and thoughts! *much love*

Brook said...

Thank you so much Azodnem! :) I hope you will continue to listen and enjoy. It's great to hear from new listeners!