Friday, October 3, 2008

Episode #10

This episode has listener feedback and questions, a segment on Amethyst, and some rambles. :p The urls mentioned in the show are below.

(used books, used textbooks, rare and out-of-print books)

Firefly Academy

(A great site for free lessons)

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Blessed Be. :)
Episode 10


Anonymous said...

Hi Brook. I have been listening to your podcast for a litle while now, and I just want to say "thank you". It's nice to see a podcaster that does not put on a false persona or claims to know everything about everything. Your style is refreshing and the accent is adorable. :-) It's just really great to find a podcast where the host isn't claiming to know "the mysteries of the universe", or telling the listener that "we should keep our wiccan ways a secret." LOL
Also, I really like your Mabon alter...very pretty! I am not a wiccan myself, but a witch. Every Samhain I build an ancestral alter to honor my loved ones that have passed before me. My question is, do you do an ancestral alter? I believe it also helps the person making the alter, especially like in my case when I can not get to their graves to place flowers upon them since it is thousands of miles away.
Keep up the excellent work, Brook!

Anonymous said...

hi brook winds willow here

i was mentioned on your cast yay
i was oh so excited when i heard my comment being posted

great 10th episode
just a heads up i am a male not female like you said on your podcast

no big deal though lol
blessed be

wikedwitch80 said...

I was wanting to comment regarding your listener who had their best friend go from Wicca back to Christianity. I had this very situation happen to me. She also said the same thing that she would not ever stop being Wiccan. One thing that you should remember is that everyone needs to follow their own path, even if that means that you have to follow yours alone. My biggest problem with her wasn't that she became Christian, but that she at first was trying to put doubts in my head about my own religion and convert me. We have since had talks about that and our relationship is now back to what it use to be. It was a long road though. I kept with it though because she was good friend before and such a good person at heart. I figured that she would see what she was doing and why it wrong of her to do it. She has apologized for what she was doing. It does still suck though cause I feel like I'm alone now in my path. When she was in it, I had someone to talk to about it.

I also just wanted to say that I love your podcast, you seem very real and down to earth.

missy_valo said...

Hi brook, Kels here. I apologise for my delay in replying to you. I have no computer at the minute, so i am leaving this comment through the internet connection on my mobile. Thank you ever so much for the crystal segment dedication, had a big smile on my face the whole day. Also thank you for the comment on my blog, and thanks for the shop recommendation (hope i spelt that right) but living in the UK i wont be able to use it! Maybe when i come over to your continent sometime next year i can! :-) Thanks once again and i hope my computer is fixed in time for your next podcast. Blessed be Kels

Brook said...

Thank you all for your comments. :) It's so nice to hear from my listeners. It makes doing the podcast worthwhile!