Monday, June 15, 2009

iPod Witch Episode #28

Hello everyone! The latest episode is up and ready to go. I have listener feedback, a book review, and I tell tales of easy free compost and gardening fun. :) In the podcast I mention these books:

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
ISBN: 978-0-87542-122-3
Magical Herbalism
ISBN: 0-87542-120-2
Magic and Medicine of Plants
ISBN: 0-89577-221-3

The book review was of:
The Way of the Green Witch
ISBN: 978-1-59337-500-3

The following links were mentioned in this podcast:

Contact With The Divine

Green Witchcraft

My podcast of the moment:

Witchery of One

NOTE: Right after the Get Witchified promo there is a bit of silence. ^^; Sorry about that, just pass it and you'll hear the rest of the podcast!

I hope you enjoy this podcast! See you next time.

Episode 28