Wednesday, August 26, 2009

iPod Witch Episode #31

Here is episode 31! :) I have listener feedback, a book review, and rambles. (as always!) The following links are mentioned in the podcast:

A Witch's Primer
Firefly Academy
Coven Space Marketplace
Azure Green
Isis Books

The Podcast of the Moment: Pagan Spirituality Today

Two new Podcasts I've been listening to:
World Wide Weird Podcast (he has 9 episodes, not 5 like I mentioned. ^^;)
A Pagan in the Threshold

I hope everyone enjoys the podcast! :)

Episode #31

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life. It gets in the way.

As the title suggests, life got in the way. :p It has been one crazy week. I'll tell you about it in the podcast. I hope to get it recorded and out tomorrow. I am sorry to be late with it. I am sorry also for being behind on answering e-mails! I promise to get those caught up tomorrow before I do the podcast. I owe Drake and Hedon's Dog mails and I'm sure other people too! :p

I'm alive and kicking so look for me with a podcast soon. My birthday is Thursday so I hope to have it done and out before then. (Hopefully tomorrow). See you all then!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

iPod Witch Episode #30

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Lughnassadh yesterday! I have episode #30 ready for your listening pleasure. The following links were mentioned in the podcast:

Pyramid composter

Coven Space

And the Podcast of the Moment is:
Pagan Parents On The Edge!

New podcast: Saytr's Thicket This is done by Son of Pan, not Ben as I mistakenly mentioned in the podcast. Ben is the podcaster of another podcast that I've recently found and forgot to mention. I'll put his show on next time. :)

I'm providing a link to where you can read The Golden Bough online.
The Golden Bough

I hope everyone enjoys the show! Be sure to vote for me and all of the Podkin at Podcast Alley. :)

Episode #30