Sunday, August 2, 2009

iPod Witch Episode #30

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Lughnassadh yesterday! I have episode #30 ready for your listening pleasure. The following links were mentioned in the podcast:

Pyramid composter

Coven Space

And the Podcast of the Moment is:
Pagan Parents On The Edge!

New podcast: Saytr's Thicket This is done by Son of Pan, not Ben as I mistakenly mentioned in the podcast. Ben is the podcaster of another podcast that I've recently found and forgot to mention. I'll put his show on next time. :)

I'm providing a link to where you can read The Golden Bough online.
The Golden Bough

I hope everyone enjoys the show! Be sure to vote for me and all of the Podkin at Podcast Alley. :)

Episode #30


Dryad said...

Hi Brook

Awesome episode as usual! Thanks for reading my emails (like someone else said...I feel like a celeb!).

Also, FYI, the Covenspace market is now open!

I hope you had a nice weekend.



Anonymous said...

Hey Brook!

great episode, I was wondering if you would mention on a future episode where you get your stones/herbs from?


Anonymous said...

This nonsense has gone far enough, I am forwarding this information to the Pagan Federation. Hopefully they can rectify this childish stunt and prevent attrocity from striking the pagan religion once more!
Regards Earana,
High Priestess of The Temple Of Altmer Coven For 20 Years, Based In New York.

I urge all listeners to readf this notice and leave a comment to say that you agree, im sure you will if you are a pagan who wishes to save his or her religion. I am very sorry for this case. I have no other means of transferring this message to you all, but via myspace. I hope you all are open minded and I wish you aall well.
Blessed Be,

Anonymous said...

Notice From Earana,

Notice is posting on the general part on MySpace,

Anonymous said...

Come on a Pagan Federation. Lets be real. The folks on PCP are right the only way we will ever have pagan community is for all of us to get over this me complex we have.

As for Earana get over yourself. I checked out your blog and I have seen it all before. Look if you don't like Brook great she is not asking you to like her. But lets be real a Pagan Federation.

She is sharing things about her life that are important to her. If you dont like it dont listen it is that easy. If you are trying to make Brook look crazy please go back and read everything you have typed so far.

I have to say fighting online is like playing in the special olympics. Even if you do win you are still just a retard. I hope you do contact your made up pagan federation. Myself and the rest of the community will sit back and laugh at the mockery of a pagan you claim to be.

Rune Weaver

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Earana what on earth is your problem? You are a complete lunatic! I dont understand what you are talking about? Everything you siad is unnecessary! I have been to your blogger site before and from what i see, your coven is more of a paris hilton beauty cult!! or whatever! "love potions, weight loss spells, and anti ageing potions? I laughed for a whole hour after i read your courses section, who would want to take a lesson in "wicca from earana"? and all the other crazy courses you have! I think your 20 years of experience is enough and your getting a little too old for this. as for your attack on brook, is it to stop the competition with your coven, you just want everyone to do as you want. Do you have an axe to grind?
Im sure Brook will delete all your comments and take you out in 22 seconds flat!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Earana is just an old withered oul woman.... she is no match for Brook

Earana vs Brook

Who will win...........

Anonymous said...

Omg! I can't believe what is going on I always followed Earanas coven and thought she was great, but now that she is attacking Brook I dont know what to think of her.

Earana has done plenty for the pagan community including organising various get together events and providing contacts and courses for pagans, she also politically battled for hand fasting to be made legal and also provides wiccaning and hand fasting services. I mean, she is a really good person, but this attack on brook is ubsurd?!

But the stuff she wrote on her comment and the violaate manner she trys to rush it into brook and make her stop, she just never seems to be out of her face. she is constantly stalking and hogging her blogs and others.

But she is a 60 year old woman, who thinks that being a wiccan is the latest fashion as she never stops bragging and applying make-up in her youtube videos. But she has proved herself to the pagans... Ohh i dont know, Im all mixed up now, just merely trying to shed light on the situation but i cant figure out what to say, so im just going to post the comment like this.

P.S: There is such thing as the pagan federation and Earana is good friends with phylis courot, the chairperson. Earana made a branch off, from Phylis's coven, the temple of ara. It seems to be more of a beauty diva/ pagan coven haha.

I used to love Earana, but now i just love Brook.
Brook is the best and most kindhearted wiccan i have met. I love the show, oops im rambling as much as you, better stop now haha.

Love Robin

Anonymous said...

Hey Brook,

I just wanted to say that some people these days are very jealous and ignorant these days.

It was wrong of that Earana person to do this and constantly hound you.

Brook, we all know that you know your stuff and your religion is of highest importance to you. Dont let some jealous old bag best you and make sure you never stop doing this. Your our fav witch! and you know it girl!!!


Anonymous said...

I just noticed all the comments on the topic "yes im alive..." etc. I just find it completely awful that poor Brook, cannot just have her show without all these cray people attacking her!

I just dont understand why on earth you are all attacking her, the reasons you have are completely ubsurd!

Earana, get over yourself, you are old old old old. Stop acting like Paris Hilton in your blogspot and like Medusa on this one!

Brook has the best pagan podcast on itunes!!!!

Brook, you should delete all these comments like Tana siad and remember that we all love you and your show and we never ever want you to stop.

Earana..... nobody loves you!!!

Drake Atlas said...

I just have to say one thing. Although I don't agree with a word Earana says, I will defend to the death her right to say it. I for one love Brooks podcast and find it very useful and often use it as reference material to teach my own coven with.

As for all of the bashing that is being posted on poor Brook’s sites, it must stop not only from Earana but from everyone. Yes even if you are trying to defend your stance by calling Earana’s opinion stupid in any way that is bashing. Sure she said some hurtful things yes, but her path is her own, just as Brooks path is her own, and they are each entitled to have their own opinions. Earana has every right to say what she said. Haven’t you all noticed that it really hasn't affected Brook in any way, shape, or form. She hasn't made mention of any of this on her show and knowing Brook she most likely won't. Because Brook knows that by responding to any of this just makes the problem worse.

I really commend Brook for keeping a cool head threw out all of this. It shows me that she has great respect for not only herself, but for what other people say as well. I also urge everyone to simply stop the bashing. We get enough of that from every other religion we don't need to be doing it to each other. We are not all going to have the same point of view and that is what makes witchcraft so great. We are allowed to think and act for ourselves and more often than not we are going to disagree, and that is ok. If you disagree with anything that is posted or said on Brook’s podcast that is great it simply means you are finally thinking for yourself. We are all here to share an opinion and should not be bashed for that. Instead we should be encouraged to have our own voice in this wonderful path.

Anonymous said...

Drake, I think its time that You, Brook and Earana reliase that becoming a celebrity and better than everyone else is achievable in other ways rather than trying to put down others and be treated like a god or goddess.

I am totally disgusted at the way you portrayed yourself and pagans by totally disre
garding a woman/mans comment on podcast alley in episode 26. and 4 episodes later you are still ranting and rambling and going on about her and still putting her down. She hasn't done anything compared to what you did to her, and also Earana has done more than she did and yet you siad nothing? Using her as a means to gain ratings is not a good wiccan/pagan.

I am appauled at the manner you seem to portray when you come onto this post and disregarded everyone's comments except your own. If everyone is entitled to thier own opinion then leave them to it! If you think you are better than the people on this post then you are also a foolish pagan. Your comment is no better than anybody elses here, so do not try to act big just because you have your own podcast.

I think what you have caused if just awful. If you are trying to publicise your coven then this is a wrong and terrible way to do it. You can simply say your piece and leave it at that rather than constantly ragging your way into brooks head. Some things you siad may be relivent but a lot of it is just pure sillyness. If you want to be a celebrity then concentrate on developing better people skills.

I cannot be bothered with anymore, but you are all just as bad as each other.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brook.
I have 2 things to say. I'm going to bypast all the extra that was posted here and just comment on your podcasts first. I love them. You supply great references for books and other podcasts and I truly appreciate it. I am new to wicca and am still learning and your podcast provides useful tools to help guide my footsteps. Keep up the great work.
Second, while I agree with some things mentioned throughout the various posts and disagree with others I think they way people have gone on about expressing themselves and their opinions leaves room for improvement. Don't let them get to you Brook. Just keep doing things the way you're doing them. The Goddess made you this way for a reason. Stay Blessed and thank you.

Angel Rose

Anonymous said...

What is with the Anons on this board defending someone being attacked? Usually we're the ones attacking! DOOD just stfu k? Or maybe these aren't the anons I'm thinking of?