Sunday, January 25, 2009

Episode #19

Hello everyone!

Episode 19 is up and ready for you to download. I have listener feedback, a book review, and some of my rambles. I hope you enjoy the episode. Here are the links and information that I mentioned in the podcast:

Elemental Castings podcast

Also the two free 411 listings.



The first one is Google 411 and it is for businesses only. The second is for businesses and residential. Both are completely FREE and wonderful numbers to have in your phone!

I hope everyone is doing well! I will see you all next time!

Episode #19

PS to my Stephen King / Dark Tower listener fans... this is episode... 19!!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

iyya broke. My name is Aggie,
I have been interested in witchcraft for 3 years, but I have not told any one. But the minitue I listened to your ipodcast I was hooked, know I feel more comfortable with telling people my way of life (wiccan life), keep up with the great work xD

lyrus said...

Hi Brook,

Hello again! Another great Podcast, I especially liked this episode's Book Review, and trying to get a copy as I write this! Good choice!

As for the healthy eating bit, well, healthy food never tastes as good as a double cheeseburger with fries! You're allowed to treat yourself once (or twice / thrice) a week ;)

Thank you again for your Podcasts!

Blessed be,

Cher said...

Hi Brook!

I was going through your pagan podcast you listen to and was wondering if you have ever listened to "The Crooked Path"? I love the herb segments. Just thought I would let you know there's another excellent podcast out there. :-(

The Adventures of Zero Girl said...


I was browsing on covenspace and thought I'd remembered you saying you had a profile there so I thought I would try and find you and say hello! But I looked back and it doesn't look like you go there much so I'm posting here instead!

I've been really enjoying your podcasts A LOT! (I'm up to No. 8 - listening on my way to work and hoping to catch up to the current one soon). Especially your story about the animals that you get in your garden. The rooster story had me laughing on the train!

You have a really great way of telling a story - you put in the little details so it seems like I'm there. I loved hearing about the gem show and your Anubis story.

Anyway it's late here and I should go to bed but just wanted to say thanks for a very entertaining and informative podcast and I hope you carry on!

Oh, and I look forward to more book reviews too!

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

hey great podcast
ive downloaded elemental castings and cant wait to start lisntioning to them
thank you to who ever it may have been who sujested that podcast
than you

blessed be
winds willow

Anonymous said...

in my last comment i missed the k in thank you
(can i edit that??)
sorry for horrible spelling

blessed be winds willow