Saturday, January 10, 2009

Episode #18

Happy 2009! Here is the first podcast for the new year. :) I have an episode this time that includes listener feedback, a segment on Carnelian, and some ramblings. I also have a lot of links to share that I mentioned in the podcast!

First up is Azodnem's link. He made my beautiful new iPod Witch logo! :D I love it. I think you will too. I have it linked to this latest podcast in itunes. I will be changing my old logo (which wasn't really a logo just a pic of me!) to this beautiful one everywhere I am listed!

Azodnem's Site

Be sure to check out his Cafe Press and Zazzle sites too!

In response to Brandon's comments and questions, I bring you the link to The Witches' Voice:

Witches' Voice

Also mentioned are the books:
Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs
Magickal Herbalism
Cunningham''s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic
All by Scott Cunningham

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

And last but certainly not least, a link to the poem I am a Pagan (by Selena Fox):

I am a Pagan

Beth gave this link to pictures of Anubis when he visited London! :)

Anubis on the Thames

Also, when I gave my HUGE list of Podkin that I listen to and love I forget the wonderful Dina over at the Black Goddess of Love. As you can see her link is in the list of my podkin and I also am adding the links to the new podcasts I've discovered recently!

Okay, I guess that is all. I hope everyone enjoys the cast. See you soon!

Episode 18


Aurumdraco said...


Another great podcast. For your guest requesting a segment on elemental work, there is a great one already out there. At "Elemental Castings" podcast they choose an element every episode, rotating, air, fire, water, earth, spirit, and back to air. They always have a guest in the house who works best with that particular element. They run about an hour an episode.

Hope this helps you, and your listeners.

Blessed Be,

Lyrus said...

Hi Brook,

Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thankyou for your Podcasts. I live in the UK, my family are mostly Catholics who don't agree with my choice of path at all, and it's nice to be able to switch off, listen and learn more about the craft. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to the next installment!

Oh, and by the way, Thames is "Tems" (like Gems but with a T!)

Blessed be,

Korean Witch said...

Hi Brook,
I got reaaly excited to see you released another pod cast today. Durning lunch today at work I listened to it durning lunch.
I also enjoy reading the James Patterson series. Have you read any of the Lady's Murder Club? That is another great series by James Patterson.

Azodnem said...

Hey Brook,

I am so glad you liked the logo! *YEAH* I haven't had a chance to download Episode 18 yet, but definitely will when I get home tonight! I'm actually in the process of moving my blog to blogspot (to join some friends who are already here)... Now I'm rambling! LOL. Anyway, I am really happy you liked it!!

wikedwitch80 said...

Another decent site that has either covens or wiccan/pagan study groups is called MeetUp at