Sunday, July 12, 2009

iPod Witch Episode #29

Hello everyone! Episode 29 is up and ready for you. I have feedback, a book review, and more in this episode. I hope you enjoy! In this episode I give out the following links:

Pagan Parents On The Edge "Have a Look"
Fire Lyte's blog
Bonnie Plants
The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines

The Podcast of the Moment is: Get Witchified!

Also I have been enjoying these podcasts:

PCP: Pagan Centered Podcast
Stirring the Cauldron


Episode #29


Drake Atlas said...


This was another great episode as always. This episode felt as if I were sitting having Ice Tea with you listening to you talk. I love how personable you are with us.

Drake Atlas

Gibby said...

Very cool episode. Fairly new to your podcast. Going back and listening to them all as I do homework.

On your pumpkins, Something that is kinda cool to do. Is while there fairly "young" you can cut slightly into them, It'll kinda leave a 'scar' if you will. It's kinda neat to have lil designs on them as they grow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Its You Brook,
I love the show so much! The only thing that disappoints me is that you dont have them out quick enough! You should have your own radio show, its just what i wanted, I could sit and listen all day nehahaha, Every Little Bit Helps. Oh please read my comment out, I would feel like a celeb! And tell that Earana person that she is a phycopath on the loose no matter how toned her legs are and her nails and her craft experience (probably a lie)!, she is full of it! and pathetic! I think your show is very helpful for pagans everywere and i love your rambling and outragous situations you come up with nehahaha. any news from the other provinces for next time?
Take Care!
P.S: I was pickpocketed the other day, so gaurd your purses! - Thought id add my own little ramblin touch!
Just Go Away!

TheMoonlitSea said...

I am sooooo behind on listening to podcasts, but I just listened to episode #29 of yours. Thanks for the shoutout and making Get Witchified your podcast of the moment!

You are great. I love your show. And Jo Jo is adorable!


Anonymous said...

I just listened to this episode. Its the first one i have listened too so far. Really like it! I'll keep tuning in for more. -- Sloan (WireFly)