Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm having a problem with my new podcast host and it seems I won't be able to upload a podcast until next month. I had my notes and everything ready to do a podcast today. I might do it anyway and upload it when I actually can. My host changed their rate plans (which wasn't a big deal) but they go into effect on the 1st, and I have my plan to renew on the 4th (so I always know I have money to cover it!) and right now, my plan has been put on hold until I set up the new plan. I would do that, but at the moment, I don't have the money to do so! Unless anything happens to change this, it will be June 4th before I can get another episode out. I'm sorry for this confusion and problem.


Drake Atlas said...

Podcast Woes seem to affect us all at one point or another. Its ok Brook. It seems that if somethign has the possibality to go wrong it will.

Bright and Dark Blessings

Drake Atlas

Sophia Wolf said...

So sorry to hear Brook. We all have been there. Looking forward to your words of wisdom.. It is worth the wait. Blessings Sophia

Brook said...

Thanks Drake and Sophia! I got it fixed quicker than I thought. I'm putting out episode 27 now!