Saturday, April 11, 2009

iPod Witch Episode #24

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new episode for you all. I have a LOT of listener feedback, a candle making 101 segment, and some talk about my crazy week! I went over and didn't get to the wolf segment I wanted to do. I'll tell you about all that in the next episode! I hope you enjoy this one.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Dark Moon's blog

The Geek Witch podcast

Here is a picture of the kitties!

Blessed Be!

Episode #24


Wendy said...

Oh, what cute baby kitties! :)

Black cats are my favorite! And tiger striped greys. We have 5 black kitties and 2 tiger greys in our family. Don't ask how we got so many - I just can't stand to see a kitty without a family.

Glad to see you back, Brook!

Sorry to hear about your hospital scare - but relieved that it's nothing serious.

Take care of yourself!

Anxiously awaiting the next episode!



P.S. Any special plans for Beltaine?

Aurora Stormsong said...

Merry Meet Brook.

My name is Aurora Stormsong or even recently Gwendolina (got the second one from the method in podcast 23)
Oh and I am a girl, yep I know you love us telling you that.

I love your podcast and it was my first EVER pagan podcast. I also listen to Guinevere's Wicca files, and 'the college witch' (hi dan) i am a teen wiccan who is partially still in the broom closet.

I am currently listining to your 24th podcast and am up to the candle segment.

I am from Australia and love your accent, very different from us Aussie's.

you can read this on your podcast. Please read it (*only read this if on podcast* yay I'm famous)

Thanks and Merry Part
Aurora Stormsong or Gwendolina

Anonymous said...

hi brook

just wanted to leave a message as i have been listening for a while now and never have a pc to hand when i want to tell you all the things i am thinking. I am a fairly new listener that to start with didn't understand your rambalings (i'm sorry) now i love them!! please never change for anyone you are great as you are. I live in the uk and its so nice to have access to podcast by a pagan who talk to you like you having a cuppa together face to face. they are so much fun to listen to. and all your pets are so cute!!
any way now i'm ramalling so blessed be linda