Sunday, November 2, 2008

Episode #13

Hi everyone! Today's episode of the iPod Witch features listener feedback, information on Blue Lace Agates, and I share information about my Samhain / Halloween doings. :) I hope everyone enjoys!

Episode #13


Anonymous said...

winds willow here!
its great that you mention your comments and email on the show
it really makes it seem like your talking to me
and not large groups of people

but anyways just a few sujestions
that me personally would be very intrested in

meditations and types of meditation

auras and how can you see them
or meanings???

also casting the quarters
doing the quarters have all ways been a part of circle that i have never felt i was doing it right??

sorry for the spelling
keep up the show

brightest blessings
winds willow

Anonymous said...

Merry Meet Brook!

I have been listening to your podcast since you started and I love it! I am from the North and I love your accent! I have and Aunt and cousins in Virginia Beach and hearing you makes me miss them.

I am have been enrolled in a Wiccan college and will be initiated in January. I just started taking a pendulum class and was wondering if you work with them and if you do how do you like them?

Blessed Be!

Brook said...

Thanks Winds Willow and WenWeath. :) I hope you all heard your comments in episode 14.

Winds Willow I will be doing a casting the circle podcast soon. (I promise!)

And WenWeath, I do use a pendulum. It's a gorgeous Quartz crystal one. :)