Thursday, August 7, 2008

Episode 5

This episode I have some listener feedback! :) Yay for feedback. I also talk about my Tarot collection and things to do with Tarot and other divination topics.

Also mentioned is my calling in to a local news show and explaining about Wiccans and Pagans because of their mentioning on the air and being concerned about the "occult" element.

Episode 5


Anonymous said...

Ok so here is my comment... I listen to every pagan podcast I can get my hands on. Love The Wiggian Way (The first I ever listened to) A Pagan heart in Maine, The Dark side of Fey and From the Edge of the Circle.

Love Love LOVE the Gem show podcast and I love the crystal segment I think you should keep this as it is unique to your podcast and I know many people will find this very interesting....On that note your book segment is wonderful as well so I don't think you should get rid of it either. Also it has only been a couple shows so it may take awhile for people to get a feel for your podcast. Well guess that is all I have to say can't wait till the next one.

ps love the ramblings :D

vinny said...

Hi Brook,
I just wanted to let you know that I love your show. I am also into crystals, my everyday crystals include, carnelian, citrine, apache tear, snowflake obsidian, and blue tiger's eye, as well as the amethyst and bloodstone I wear. Please keep the crystal segments in your show. I have been known to ramble myself. Keep up the great work

Celestite said...

I don't think this belongs in comments, but I wanted to include you in this message and couldn't find an email address for you.

I hope no one is offended, but I am sending this same message to 6 podcasts.

The message is THANK YOU!

I have been seriously studying Wicca for several years. (I think I have actually been Wiccan since I argued with the nuns in grade school about the existence of Banshees and wee people, but that’s another story.)

When I first realized that there was actually a religion where people believed the same things I did (which I took to be affirmation that I was not really nuts!), I reached out to try to find a coven.
My first experience was with a room full of people who were apparently doing a full dress rehearsal for the newest Harry Potter movie, complete with conversations about ‘muggles.’
My next attempt brought me an aging couple of swingers from the 60s. I grew up in the 60s and recognize a burned out hippie when I see one. They apparently thought ‘Wicca’ would be a good marketing tactic for finding like minded swingers.
After that I gave solitary a whole new meaning. Try hermit. I studied, bought books and decided that a personal, private religion was fine.

Just a few weeks ago (I think the Goddess was giving me a kick in the seat) it occurred to me that since I downloaded NPR broadcasts, MAYBE there was something on the air on Wicca. Sounded like a long shot, but worth a try.
That search took me to the Firefly Chronicles, which I enjoy. Recommendations from that site took me to several that did not appeal to me, but recommendations from those sites brought me to Tommy Elf, At the Edge of the Circle and he brought me to most of the rest of you. Thank you, Tommy.

For the first time I feel some connection with the Pagan community. You have even inspired me to try to make my own contribution and I started a blog, A Pagan Tapestry,
It is pretty low key, mostly a discussion about the Wheel of the Year, with some other topics thrown in, but it is one more voice saying to the general public, this is about spirituality, not Carnival.
I have included a link to your podcasts and hope to send listeners to you.

Brightest Blessings and thank you again.

Brook said...

Thanks Feu! :D

I'm glad you are liking the crystal segment. I'm enjoying doing it more and more now. My ramblings are fun for me and for my listeners. :p I have to keep those going!

Thanks Vinny!

Rambling and crystals eh? Definiatly going to stay! :D

Thanks Celestite!

I'm not offended at all that you sent the message to several podcasters. The Pagan podcaster out there are a great bunch. We all tend to support each other. It's a great bunch of people. :)

wikedwitch said...

I found this Manga Tarot while listening to your podcast. These actually have pictures in the Minor Arcana too.